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The Blue Beats

Photo by Sears & Roebuck studio photographer; Huntington, WV, autumn 1967
Left to right, back row:
Scott F. Stinson (drums & vocals), Phillip K. Miller (lead vocals) and  Spencer C. Stinson, (bass guitar)
Left to right, front row:
Richard Stacy (lead guitar), Kim Bruce Peyton (organ & guitar) and Dennis E. Snell (lead vocals & lead guitar)
Not shown:
Norman C. (Cap) Hunter (lead guitar), Stephen R. (Corky) Burtless (organ) and James Adkins (lead vocals)

...and now, (well, more recently, anyway)...

The Blue Beats in 1998
Photo by Bill Nutter; Seaside, OR, Oct., 1998
Left to right:
Dennis E. Snell, Kim Bruce Peyton, Scott F. Stinson, Phillip K. Miller and Stephen R. (Corky) Burtless
Not shown:
Spencer C. Stinson and Norman C. (Cap) Hunter

Richard Stacy and James Adkins

This website is devoted primarily to romanticizing a blink in recorded human history, in the latter half of 20th century AD, also known as "the late '60s/early 70's". It was during this time that a few members of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 763, in Huntington, West Virginia , splintered off and embarked on a one-way journey into the relatively nubile worlds of Rock & Roll, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues. These individuals joined with other self-styled musicians and vocalists from the community to form "The Blue Beats".

Image of the original Blue Beats business card, circa 1966-67


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The Band Boys: Teenage Music Makers of the Sixties - a memoir by Kim Bruce Peyton

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